Goodwall is the social network for high school students to tell their stories, discover opportunities, win scholarships and get recognized by universities.

We strongly believe that we can help every student become the best version of themselves. It is our mission to prepare students aged 14 through 19 with the necessary tools, knowledge and support to reach their full potential.

When a student showcases their talents and achievements on Goodwall, they connect with a network of inspiring students worldwide, unlock incredible opportunities to grow and develop, open doors to scholarships and awards and get recognized by universities.

With Goodwall, we aim to remove chance and privilege from the equation and provide every student with the opportunity to succeed in life. Easy and free.


While strong academic performance remains important, what happens outside the classroom matters more than ever.

Today, when a university admits a class of students or a company hires new employees, it’s as if they’re selecting a team to sail across a rough ever-changing sea - together. They naturally need sailors who have the skills, knowledge and passion for the adventure. At the same time, they want each sailor to bring something valuable and different to the team, from leadership to personal experiences, interests and achievements. They are not searching for a group of identical perfect sailors; they want a talented and varied team of capable people who will guide, support and inspire each other to succeed. They want to know who the students are, they want to hear their stories.

Universities want students to pursue the activities they love, take risks, learn from their mistakes and experience moments that challenge them to be the best they possibly can. Universities want students to tell their story and showcase who they are beyond grades. Your weekend volunteering for a soup kitchen matters. Your touchdown matters. Your concert performance matters. Student government, debate, robotics, athletics, art, music, theater all matter. This is how you can stand out from the crowd.


Everyone wants to leave their mark on the world. They want to create meaningful impact. They want to be satisfied with what they are doing each and every day. At Goodwall, we view the world as a whole, not as a collection of countries and cities. We are driven by the stories our students tell us everyday.

We wake up because we want to give hope to the one person who thought that they would never achieve what they’ve always dreamt of.

We wake up to inspire students to go further and achieve more, embracing the multicultural world we live in.

We wake up because we firmly believe that we can help every student become the best version of themselves, creating a long term sustainable impact on society.

We wake up to provide a valuable service to the most people possible, hopefully playing a role in changing the world.

As our users grow, develop, and work towards their goals, we intend to too. We plan to accompany our students on their adventure as they receive their acceptance letter, discover life-changing opportunities, find that perfect internship, and that all important first job.

We are fortunate enough to be able to leverage technological advancements to design a service which allows us to connect with students in 180 countries who appreciate what we are trying to create. Our vision is to inspire a generation, one student at a time, and we’re just getting started.