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"I was on the search to connect with other high achieving highschoolers such as myself, and this app is perfect!"

"I honestly didn't think such a thing could exist, but Goodwall is an amazing way for people my age (17) to make new friends, and learn how to be a community of amazing people."

"Happened to stumble on this app by accident but genuinely one of the best apps I now have! I love it's layout and it's so easy to progress!"

"Goodwall is definitely a great app that inspires me as well as others. It's great to communicate with students from all over the world and create positivity to boost each other up to succeed and reach their goals."

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"Great app if you're a student who wants to be inspired by others!"

"I really wished I joined this app much earlier in my academic career! It's a great place to post even your smallest achievements and get recognition. It's easy and fun making friends from all over the world."

"Everyone is friendly and welcoming and the support you receive is amazing. Everyday you get inspiration from a others like you and it's truly amazing!"

"I know the title is a bit of an understatement for those of you that have tried the app but there is just no way to truly some up how great this app is. It is simply amazing!"

"Amazing app Outstanding people and that one place that exists for kids to go on the internet where they are celebrated for their accomplishments without shame!"

"It's really easy to handle and you can get many scholarships from it, plus it makes me strive for the best in school."

"This has been an awesome App for me so far and I've only had it for a day! I really like it and recommend it to anyone!"

"An awesome way of boosting one's self esteem and connecting with people from all over the world. Definitely recommend it! :)"

"Goodwall is a great app for aspiring students. I love it and the opportunities it has to offer and it's the perfect way to show achievements to other people who share similar interests and goals."

"It's a fantastic app, you can explore universities worldwide and talk with students all over the world!"

"You can share your achievements and get inspired. The app shows you universities that fit to you. Also you can win awards in different competitions. I think it's really great and innovative."

"My dream college in Kings College in London and with this app I know every requirement and scholarship there is."

"Great for connecting with people who share the same struggles as you and providing great inspiration!"

"Enables you to connect with others and find great opportunities"

"It's an amazing app where you can find inspiration and motivation for your future career, or for your life in general ! :-)"

"Goodwall is an amazing app that helps connect you to other students around the world. It's extremely motivating to see everyone's achievements and successes!"

"If you want to make yourself stand out from the thousands of other applicants trying to get into the same university, this is the way to do it."

"I just downloaded this app today and so far it's great. There are so many people from across the world that use it and it's unlike anything I have ever seen."

"This is an incredible app, it allows me to be able to share with others from different place about my achievements and to find universities."

"I am truthfully amazed about this app because I personally think that it's helpful for people all around the world to get out of their comfort zone and do something to achieve their goals."

"Goodwall is the best app I've seen that helps people connect, learn new things, get inspired and get encouraged!"

"This app provides so many opportunities for students. I just started using it and already addicted. I love the community, and all the support and positivity! Would recommend to every highschool student looking for a supportive community."

"Every high school student should download this!!! Amazing opportunities await plus new people who share the same ambitions as you!!"

"Downloaded this today and I am absolutely loving it! Not only do you get to show yourself off but this app encourages you to motivate others, and congratulate them for their own achievements! Love love love ❤️"

"This is a great app for getting ahead in school and being able to view what other kids around the world are doing!! I recommend this app to everyone who is passionate about education!️"

"A really incredible apps that is full of amazing opportunities!️"

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"Very cool app, lets you connect with people all around the world"

"This app helps you connect with other students worldwide and prepare for the years to come. It has given me great learning experiences and opportunities. 5/5 for sure."

"The Goodwall app motivates students to be leaders and achieve their goals. It creates a friendly environment where students from around the world can interact and motivate each other."

"This is an amazing program!! Prior to downloading this app, I felt somewhat intimidated by the highly competitive college application process."

"This app helps you to put yourself out there to future universities and it's a place to gather digital achievements to show future employers! It's also super fun!!"

"Perfect app for people who want to start planing which college/university that they want to get into. And it has awards so if you win some challenges you can win some college funds. Thank god I found this app!"

"I love this app! It just perfectly fits to my abilities. It enables me to showcase myself, my achievements and roles, also, It allows me to get inspired by others. Great app! Thanks for making this."

"Great place for students to connect with people from different backgrounds, earn scholarships and discover universities more!!"

"This app has helped immensely with the stress of trying to get college acknowledgment and allows for me to qualify for scholarships :)"

"I'm very excited to see where this app takes me!"

"What a good app! You can write down your achievements that you've got with great captions. There are many students from all around the world have joined, you must do so!"

"This app is fantastic to connect with other high school students, and speak about the troubles and advantages of high school classes. I love this app!!"

"This app is really inspiring and helps you connect with other ambitious and inspiring people. I would really recommend it."

"Goodwall is an amazing app for high school students and college applicant who are interested in activities beyond academics."

"This app has created an interesting experience that students all around the world use now to connect and find new opportunities to attend great universities"

"It's a good platform for making new friends and find scholarships and universities that are suitable for you."

"This app has helped me become who I am and still continues to every day since I have started using it. Goodwall does not only help me now but helps build my future too and my life as a student. I love it!"

"Super cool app for sharing tour achievements no matter how small."

"I really love it. really helps me a lot"

"All-around it's such a great app for showcasing extraordinary students in each of there areas of focus"

"This app is really cool. As a sophomore in highschool, I don't know where to start when it comes to college. However in the fee days I've had this app, it's helped me organize records of my volunteer work, experiences, and interests!"

"This place is like a community of people who achieve great things and congratulate others on their achievements. I highly recommend this app."

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How it works
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