We have assembled a group of incredibly committed individuals who work hard to accomplish the Goodwall Mission.

We are a young, international team based in Geneva. We have almost as many passports as team members in our company and are always looking to learn and understand new cultures. We are all different but share a common mission and goal. We are very passionate about what we do and what we are trying to achieve. Along the way we have fun and enjoy living our dream. For good or bad we have a very honest and open culture. Everyone is treated equally and has a say in our decisions.

  • Taha Bawa


    Lived in 5 countries by the age of 11. Speaker on education at conferences such as TEDx, Google Btalks and ECIS. He leads the company's strategy and team. He studied Economics, is a WEF Global Shaper, a member of the Human Rights Watch Youth Committee and co-creator of Timbo's Tales.

  • Omar Bawa

    Chief Product Officer

    Omar, 25 years old, jurist, started Goodwall to inspire the next generation to make better choices and pursue their passions. He has been a speaker at TEDx, Google and the IB Heads Conference and is a High Potential Global Leader according to IMD's Global Leader Index. He has studied Law, Intellectual Property and Marketing and served on the Editorial Board of the United Nations Magazine.

  • Alexander Bredy

    VP of Engineering

    Speaks 5 languages, studied Economics and Computer Sciences. Alexander has worked on all the branches of the platform.

  • Pierre-Eric Planche

    Chief Architect

    Technology specialist, system architect, coding expert, PE has years of experience in designing and leading the implementation of global internet solutions for world renowned companies.

  • Matt Bertrand

    Scrum Master &
    Senior Back-End Developer

    Matt is an expert back-end developer whose strong analytical skills make him a truly creative problem-solver. He's joined Goodwall to bring about lasting impact for the future generations.

  • Cao Tri Do

    iOS and Android Developer

    His extensive experience building apps for iOS through fast-paced updates enables us to build an app above industry standards.

  • Igor Javni

    Senior Front-End Developer

    Igor embodies the rigour and quality of corporate IT structures. He is always eager to push the boundaries of what is possible with web technologies.

  • Jonathan Guislain

    Android Developer

    Experienced Android engineer. Jonathan intends to help develop this platform into something really amazing.

  • Dan Bangayan

    Senior Back-End Developer

    Dan is a full-stack web application developer and a software developer. He has worked across different industries.

  • Charlie Lim Valencia

    Senior Back-End Developer

    Charlie loves working on all things back-end: making sure all services run smoothly and helping startups scale from thousands to millions of users.

  • Byron Wang

    Senior Back-End Developer

    Multidisciplined developer with years of experience in designing and developing frontend web, backend systems, mobile and web applications.

  • Slavomir Papuga

    QA Engineer

    With years of experience, Slavomir is an essential part of the engineering team and ensures that every feature released is held to the highest of standards.

  • Lindsey Grande

    UI & UX Designer

    Lindsey has been designing for the web and brands for over 10 years. Her work has been featured on TechCrunch, Wired and NBC. She oversees design and branding on all platforms.


    Illustrator & UI Designer

    Gab has worked with different startups and brands from around the world. He is passionate about making handcrafted visuals that give meaning and delight.


    Graphic Designer

    Julia is fresh out of Design School. She has worked as a freelancer for various design fields. She is responsible for Goodwall’s digital marketing visuals.

  • Zachi Diner

    Design Advisor

    Waze Designer & Artbit's VP, his extensive expertise in branding and UX design is now benefitting the Goodwall design team.


    Chief Marketing Officer

    Vijay loves the challenge of driving mobile & web products to success. His sources of inspiration include Seth Godin, Andrew Chen, and Tim Ferriss. Vijay grew up in 8 countries on 5 continents before arriving in Switzerland.


    Head of Partnerships

    Osnat is an international business development and strategy professional, with diverse experience in multiple industries and geographies. Before Goodwall, she led large scale business development projects in Asia.

  • Bruno Songane

    Marketing Assistant

    Young and talented, he makes sure logistics and operations run smoothly at Goodwall.

  • Matthieu Clauzure

    B2B marketing manager

    MBA professional, Matthieu gained his B2B marketing skills working for leading digital agencies in London. He has experience creating brand stories and winning marketing campaigns by combining data analysis and strategic thinking. Matthieu was the winner of the P&G “Most Innovative Idea” Award


    Community Manager

    Born in the Philippines. Worked as a customer service representative and advisor in various contact centers in the Philippines. Active choir member. Honest and family-oriented person who always believes that thinking positively and believing in yourself will always transpire good things.

  • Sam Inkpen

    Business development manager

    Sam has almost 10 years experience working at some of the top student marketing agencies in the UK. Prior to this, Sam successfully lead postgraduate marketing at King’s College London.

  • Roman Maltsev-Jones

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Roman is a marketing nomad with strong background in SEO, Influencer marketing & Growth hacking. Having experienced life in 6 countries and worked in numerous industries, he is ready to use the gained knowledge to take Goodwall to the next level.